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Video by MGN - third single from the album

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Matt Long has carved himself a reputation as a stellar front man of multi award-winning British Blues band Catfish.  Alongside playing with Catfish, Matt is now also on the road with his own band, Matt Long and the Revenant Ones, with powerful new riff-influenced original rock material.

Their phenomenal energy on stage, Matt's powerful songwriting, Adam's dark underbelly bass lines and Kev's outrageously hypnotic drum skills make this a band which stands out from the crowd in a genre full of talent.

With their first European tour completed in early 2020 and festival bookings coming in, this band was already causing a buzz both in the UK and abroad before Covid struck.  The debut album 'The Other Side' was due for release in Spring 2020 just as Covid struck, but was finally released in July 2021 once restrictions were starting to be lifted so that they could take it out on tour.

This new band allows Matt flex his songwriting muscles with a new project focused on rockier riffs and showcasing his impeccable guitar wizardry.

The band consists of talented and inventive Catfish band-mates Adam Pyke on bass and critically acclaimed ex-RavenEye drummer Kev Hickman on drums who is no stranger to the world stage. Kev has performed regularly across three continents and supported acts such as Slash, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani and The Darkness.



The big news is that our debut album The Other Side was finally released on Friday 16 July!  You can get hold of a copy on our store on this website.  Here are a few of the reviews so far.

‘The Other Side‘ delivers in spades, Matt’s guitar playing is superb, it’s like he’s had the leg irons removed, his vocal delivery too just fits perfectly. Reinforcing this are the absolute powerhouse pairing of ex-RavenEye drummer and all round smiley person Kev Hickman and Catfish bassist Adam Pyke, who himself is showing his inner rock demon.


The New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) movement has thrown up some great bands recently and Matt Long & The Revenant Ones deserves to be up there with the best of them...This album is one of the heaviest I’ve heard this year but they have a great touch as well – bloody awesome.

Andy Snipper, Music News

…hard and heavy blues rock, the powerful roar of Matt’s vocal and the infectious bass riff will grab you by the throat and pull you in right from the start. 

We Bleed Music

This is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time. 

Wes Ramsey, US DJ

Nine nuggets of juicy goodness…A riff-packed, gritty, Southern rock, jam-infused album that draws you into every track like a mystery novel…no nonsense rock and roll without a filter...It is fascinating that they are not afraid to delve into their subject matter for as long as it needs to, pushing aside the “typical” three-minute song.

(Very) Heavy Rock Trio MLATRO really bring the hammer down when delivering this collection of nine powerful, non-apologetic, hard rocking perfect songs...Matt Long has one of those powerful, yet melodic heavy rock voices that just pins everything else the band is doing all together. He can deliver hard hitting stadium rock anthems, thought provoking, melodic tracks and as in the case of “Have My Say” good old fashioned air punching, foot stomping classic rock...As musicians, these boys are at the top of their game. Apart from having the voice that will launch a thousand stage dives, Matt Long is an accomplished guitarist who can mix styles and techniques without flinching. An obviously talented individual who sounds like this album is just the beginning of his journey to being a pioneer of the UK Grass Roots rock scene...This is a very, very impressive debut album. The tracks are varied, each capable of standing on their own. However, as a collection, it is a nine track match made in heaven...This album has no weak links on it at all. The production is immense and the sound, feel and delivery is pretty close to perfection. Any self respecting hard rock fan needs this album in their lives. Get Your Ears on this album, and then Never Let Go!
Accidental Music Reviewer

'some low-slung bass precedes Matt unleashing a searing solo, mercilessly wringing the notes from the neck of his guitar like a particularly vicious chicken farmer on a tight deadline.'

Metal Epidemic

This may be a rock masterpiece. It’s a long time since a body of work like this has shaken me to the very core the way this has. The sheer quality throughout is unswerving. Matt’s vocal and fretwork is some of the most perfect to grace a rock album in a long time. Couple this with Adam’s stunning bass lines, Kev’s brilliant percussion, some superb production across nine pulsating tracks and you’ve got a very, very tasty album.

Haydn Hart

Here are a couple of Accidental Music Reviewer quotes for "Feel Like A Saint" the third single:

"Any fan of NWOCR or Heavy Blues Rock will simply fall in love with this song. It has a punchy, catchy chorus and was made to be played Loud and Only Loud"!...

"This is an audible assault on the senses you do not want to end. The power, rhythm and energy hits you hard and gives you an emotional kicking you were glad you had".  


The year started well with MLRO joining the roster of Forge Amp who will be working alongside the band across the country helping them with promotion, PR and festival/venue bookings.  Really pleased and privileged to be part of the Forge Family.

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The second single from the forthcoming album, Have My Say, was released on 22 January 2021.  Thanks to our plugger Dunk MacKellar who has managed to get the single played on hundreds of radio stations across the world.

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Feel Like a Saint was the third single from the debut album from Matt Long and the Revenant Ones.  The single and video were premiered on Friday 21 May 2021 and were played across hundreds of radio stations both in the UK and overseas.

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