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Gig 16 -

What a crazy night in Ždár! A packed room full of very appreciative people, so appreciative that they ended up dancing on the bar, tables and chairs! Thank you so much for having me and making me feel so welcome. And thanks for fighting through the snow just to come see me! 🤘🏻

Whilst I miss my Mesa Boogie rig, this little Fender Hot Rod amp that I rented has done pretty well these past three weeks! Reminds me of my ACM days when these were in every room. Neat little rig this!

It’s been great fun playing with Matej Cerny and Oliver Lipenský on this tour. Not only are they fantastic musicians but they’re also nice guys and a great hang. Which is good! It means they haven’t tried to stab me in the past three weeks... 👍🏻

Just one more gig to do tonight in Brno! And then tomorrow night I’ll be flying back home. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more worn out, both physically and mentally. I need to hibernate so badly. Just disappear into my bed and not rise again until sometime next decade...... what’s that...? I got shows almost immediately after I get back......? Great! 😳 haha

In all seriousness I’m very excited to be playing at the Rec Rooms in Horsham with Catfish with support from Yoka & Ray on Friday and then a Matt Long gig on Sunday at The Bullingdon in Oxford supporting Krissy Matthews. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone and hearing their adventures of the past three weeks. But before all that... junk food and sleeeeeeeep...

16 down, 1 to go 🤘🏻

(P.s. I’m going to be doing a few live stream videos of the final gig tonight so be sure to tune in for them!)

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