• Matt Long

Gig 2 - Nad Labem, Usti

What a fantastic night at Nad Labem in Usti! Great venue filled with a great audience. Despite the language barriers, they were right there with me. And they bought so much merchandise! So much so that I’m going to have to ship some more out to me or else I’ll run out! A fantastic problem to have and my heartfelt thanks go to everyone who came out.

Woke up to this nice Czech Republic view out my hotel window this morning. Voice feeling a little rough. Not only from singing on the tour but before I came out I was spending days feverishly finishing off the vocals for the Catfish album. Which is good but at the same time it does mean I’m feeling slightly hoarse on only the second gig of the tour. Plenty of rest, water and remedies for me though! Also we went to a Mexican restaurant where the menus were iPads....

2 Down, 16 to go. 🤘🏻

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