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Gigs 6 to 11 - the Mona Lisa guitar

Had some very sad news a few days ago which has made writing daily blogs too difficult. Unfortunately quite a lot of gigs have been and gone since I last wrote to you but we have played in Dvur Králové, Česky Tesín, Prerov, Val. Meziríčí and Žatec last night. Rest assured they’ve all been fantastic and unique in their own way. Last night in Zatec was pretty special. A truly wonderful venue. Apparently it’s the oldest theatre in Czech Republic! Huge stage with some Pink Floyd-esque lights going on so that made me happy. What also made me very happy was that the incredibly kind and generous Mr John McNeil asked if I could play his brand new stunning Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue onstage. That’s like trusting me with the Mona Lisa! Thank you John, I really appreciate it. You have one incredible guitar there. And thank you for joining us on stage! It was a pleasure to jam with you. There are some really nice pictures of last night that I’ll put below. I also managed to have a little bit of tourist time in Prague so I visited the Old Town Square. Gorgeous!

Today we’re in the unbelievably stunning town of Karlovy Vary. This place is incredible. I’ve never been anywhere like it before in my life. They have hot water springs throughout the town that are perfectly drinkable and full of minerals so it’s very good for you. Y’know how when you go somewhere wonderful and they jokingly say “Ah it must be something in the water”. Well I think that actually has some merit here! There’s just such a sense of peace and serenity here. It’s almost magical... Ok. So here we go. One more week. Home stretch. Let’s do this!

11 down, 6 to go 🤘🏻

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